• A one-man show.

    The Gospel of John

  • About the performance

    About Alexander Brown and the production.

    The Fourth Gospel

    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Over the last four years, Alexander Brown has been performing the Gospels as a one man show. Beginning with Mark, in 2015, on to Luke in 2016 and Matthew in 2017, Alex has performed in tents, front rooms, conference rooms, churches, a cathedral, a field and more. This year sees the final of the four Gospels - John.


    A teeny bit about Alex.

    Alex is married to the wonderful Amanda Brown and has two phenomenal girls, the oldest of which has been subjected to this and the last 3 Gospels each lent. He gained his first degree (B.Ed Hons) training to be a teacher, and specialised in Drama, Music and Children's Literature. A decade later, he achieved a second degree (M.A) in Theology, and then a Masters in Theology three years after that. Part of Alex's Masters looked specifically at creativity within the Bible, and communication.


    After that, Alex spent 5 years lecturing (part-time) at degree level on creative communication and theology. Most of the last 20 years of his life have been spent communicating the Bible in creative ways, whether through writing children's books, working on the Isle of Man for a local mission partner of Scripture Union, or in his spare time. Now, Alex is a pioneer minister and curate, still on the Isle of Man, where (among other things) he hopes to explore how the creative arts and faith can help people explore human spirituality from a Christian perspective.

    Staging and Sound

    How will Alex stage John?.

    Mark and Luke were staged with a giant floor-map, tables and little else. For Matthew, Alex utilised a giant screen and various boxes to illustrate Matthew's focus on teaching and fulfillment. So what will John be like? Alex is working on some large pieces of art to display around the venue. Depending on the venue these will form locations, or simply visual cues. Since John's Gospel is so symbolic, art lends itself very well to enhance the atmosphere. There will also be a music track which accompanies the performance, bringing in a soundtrack at various times to accompany the story.


    The (slightly reduced) Gospel of John.

    Alex has taken out about 20 minutes of the Gospel, reducing it to a 90 minute production (89 mins in fact). Don't worry though, if you want to find out the rest, there's a great book he can recommend to you with the whole script in.


    If you want to know how he came to the conclusions he did about what to leave in or out, speak to him on the night (after the production). The script is taken directly from the New Living Translation of the Bible (NLT), written specifically to scan well and read easily, in a contemporary language. It translates more thought for thought than word for word.


    How does he memorise a Gospel a year?

    Alex is a trained dramatist, but this isn't his full-time job, so memorising a Gospel a year would be too much to ask! Alex records the Gospel for himself - his pace, intonation, pauses ... and then listens to the track as he acts. That way he can make sure the script is word-for-word the NLT Bible, and concentrate on the performance, rather than panicking about his dodgy memory. By the time Alex performs his first show, however, he will have listened to the whole Gospel more than 30 times through, because if he doesn't know what's coming next, it won't work.

  • John's Gospel

    A teeny bit of background.



    Most scolars believe the Gospel to be the last authentic Gospel to be written, in the 90's (the original 90's, not the 1990's), so still only 60 years after the Jesus event.



    John does his own thing - whereas the other 3 (Matthew, Mark and Luke) tell the story using similar material and in a similar order, John ... doesn't.



    Much of the material John includes speaks of a spiritual reality into which Jesus invites his disciples. He uses lots of symbolism to make his point.



    Of all four Gospels, this one speaks the most clearly about Jesus being both God and Man. If anything, this Gospel focuses intensely on Jesus' divine reality.



    This Gospel omits the events of Jesus' Baptism, Transfiguration, and the Last Supper (among other things.) Some say this accentuates their importance and they are seen throughout, others say it plays them down. You decide.



    Here, Jesus is the most overtly 'in control' of all that happens. We see a very strong, purposful figure.



    The Jesus event happened as Israel were under foreign occupation, awaiting a political figure to 'save' them. Tension was high, and saving expectation at fever pitch.



    This Gospel is the most tightly structured of all four, revolving (some say) around 7 key signposts to Jesus' deity, and 7 key "I am" sayings.

  • Performances

    Find a date, time and venue to suit you. (Reviews are below).

    St. German's Catherdal Church,

    Peel, Isle of Man.

    20 March 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    This performance has now passed.

    St. Ninian's Church,

    Douglas, Isle of Man.

    3 April 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    This performance has now passed.

    St. Mary and All Saints Church,

    High Street, Great Budworth, Chester. CW9 6HF

    19 April 2018 | 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    This performance has now passed.

    Promenade Methodist Church, Douglas, Isle of Man.

    29 May 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    Stoked to be invited to perform John as part of the million pound+ art exhibition on the Island. Promenade Church has had a facelift, and I will be performing amongst the art as well as my own pieces.


    The performance will be free.

    There will be a retiring collection for charity.

  • Promenade Church Facebook Event

    Follow the link button here to jump to the Facebook event page for the event in Promenade Church during TT Practice Week 2018.

  • Reviews

    (Don't just trust me - read what others are saying)

    Some of the things actual real people have said or sent through after performances.


    John's Gospel was simply Brilliant! Thank you Alex.


    I think I was moved to tears 3 times during tonight's performance.


    Alex, thanks for coming to Great Budworth, your performance really impacted a number of us. Brilliant.


    Thank you for this evening - it brought Easter alive for me.


    Alex, your dramatic performance of St. John's Gospel this evening was phenomenal. I forgot it was you and just lived the story.


    it was absolutely phenomenal Alex! Your dedication in learning and presenting John was such an amazing act of worship. Feel so blessed to have been there.


    A very meaningful, succinct and impressive rendition by the Rev'd. Alex Brown. So glad I offered apologies for another engagement so that my wife and I could hear it.


    So glad we went to hear this unique presentation of the Gospel of John tonight. Very moving. St. Ninian's church was full!


    It's so fresh. It brings the Gospel truly alive, even when I've read it many many times, it's like hearing some of it for the first time.

    Thank you.

    Another brilliant performance with so, so many people there tonight. Thank you Alex.


    A very meaningful, succinct and impressive rendition 


    Alex - thank you so much for John's Gospel last night - each Gospel performance has been spellbinding, but John's Gospel felt very special. It was so deep, and will stay with me.


    I found this performance incredibly moving. Jesus words were so powerful and clear. Amazing.


    I really felt the Holy Spirit's presence tonight, and I will be mulling over and reflecting on what I heard and saw tonight for a good while! The art pieces really added to the performance too.


    There are things I saw when Alex performed that I'd never seen before - he just made it so clear, like when a great actor does Shakespeare and it all suddenly makes sense.


    Alex - what a gift you have! At one moment I felt like a wave of the Holy Spirit washed over the whole audience.


    This performance gave me and my home group so much to think about! We loved it.


    Get in touch here to ask questions, or find out more about any of the locations.