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    About Alexander Brown and the production.

    The Fourth Gospel

    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Over the last four years, Alexander Brown has been performing the Gospels as a one man show. Beginning with Mark, in 2015, on to Luke in 2016 and Matthew in 2017, Alex has performed in tents, front rooms, conference rooms, churches, a cathedral, a field and more. This year sees the final of the four Gospels - John.


    How does he memorise a Gospel a year?

    Alex is a trained dramatist, but this isn't his full-time job, so memorising a Gospel a year would be too much to ask! Alex records the Gospel for himself - his pace, intonation, pauses ... and then listens to the track as he acts. That way he can make sure the script is word-for-word the NLT Bible, and concentrate on the performance, rather than remembering the script. By the time Alex performs, however, he will have listened to the whole Gospel more than 30 times through, because if he doesn't know what's coming next, it won't work.


    The (reduced) Gospel of John.

    Alex has taken out about 20 minutes of the Gospel, reducing it to a 90 minute production (93 in fact). If you want to know how he came to the conclusions he did about what to leave in or out, speak to him on the night (after the production). The script is taken directly from the New Living Translation of the Bible (NLT), written specifically to scan well and read easily, in a contemporary language. It translates more thought for thought than word for word.


    A mini biography.

    Alex gained his first degree while he trained to be a teacher, and specialised in Drama, Music and Children's Literature. A decade later, he also achieved a second degree in Theology, and then a Masters in Theology three years after that. Part of Alex's Masters looked specifically at creativity within the Bible, and communication. After that, Alex spent 5 years lecturing (part-time) at degree level on creative communication and theology. Now Alex is a pioneer minister and curate on the Isle of Man.

  • John's Gospel

    A teeny bit of background.



    Most scolars believe the Gospel to be the last authentic Gospel to be written, in the 90's (the original 90's, not the 1990's), so still only 60 years after the Jesus event.



    John does his own thing - whereas the other 3 (Matthew, Mark and Luke) tell the story using similar material and in a similar order, John ... doesn't.



    Much of the material John includes speaks of a spiritual reality into which Jesus invites his disciples. He uses lots of symbolism to make his point.



    Of all four Gospels, this one speaks the most clearly about Jesus being both God and Man. If anything, this Gospel focuses intensely on Jesus' divine reality.



    This Gospel omits the events of Jesus' Baptism, Transfiguration, and the Last Supper (among other things.) Some say this accentuates their importance and they are seen throughout, others say it plays them down. You decide.



    Here, Jesus is the most overtly 'in control' of all that happens. We see a very strong, purposful figure.



    The Jesus event happened as Israel were under foreign occupation, awaiting a political figure to 'save' them. Tension was high, and saving expectation at fever pitch.



    This Gospel is the most tightly structured of all four, revolving (some say) around 7 key signposts to Jesus' deity, and 7 key "I am" sayings.

  • Performances

    Find a date, time and venue to suit you.

    St. German's Catherdal Church,

    Peel, Isle of Man.

    20 March 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    This performance is purposefully just before Easter, to enable you to engage with the story of Jesus as part of getting ready for Easter, which some of us call Lent.


    The performance is free.

    There will be a retiring collection for charity.

    St. Ninian's Church,

    Douglas, Isle of Man.

    3 April 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    This performance is purposefully within Easter Week - the day after Easter Monday, to enable you to engage with the story of Jesus as part of your Easter celebrations.


    The performance if free.

    There will be a retiring collection for charity.



    Date, venue and time T.B.C.

    Plans are afoot for a performance in Cheshire at some point - return here periodically for the latest info.


    The performance will hopefully be free.

    Can't guarantee that just yet!

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